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Your Soft Toy Can Now Travel To Beautiful Places Without You. This Is A Creative Business Idea

Most of the people these days have their beloved soft toys without which they can’t stay. These stuffed animals are pampered like babies & some owners go out of the way to make them happy.

There are many who are too eager to go on a vacation but don’t go either because of lack of funds, due to no time or due to disabilities. Unagi, a travel company based out of Japan caters to the requirements of these owners.

This company has come up with a very unique concept; well, they take your soft toys on vacation on your behalf. Yea, you heard it right! Now, your plushies can travel the world and that too with arrangements like a decent hotel stay, sightseeing, food and travel.

The travel company has a booking website through which owners can make the bookings. After this, an email confirmation is sent & the owners have to ship their toys to the company. There are many itineraries followed by Unagi travel.

They will take the toys to tours around Japan and sometimes to Korea too. In the start, a brief introduction is also given to all plushies. What’s more! They even make friends along the journey.

The cost varies between $50 to $100 and there are restrictions on the size of the toy. Given below are some pictures you’ll love to see;

They are given a toy passport!

At the airport!

Check-in at the hotel!

They have meals too!

They get photographed!

Even fitness is taken care of!

Your toy can pose as well!

One thing is for sure that your toy is going to have a super-fun trip, although in your absence. Complete care about their luxury and needs is taken on the tour.

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