You Can’t Miss People’s Hilarious Tweets During IG & FB Blackout!


People had went insane and crazy during first Instagram’s and Facebook’s blackout in 2019! If i talk about myself, I’m Twitter and Reddit fan then other social media apps! Well, now look over the hilarious reaction of people around the world in form of tweets!

That’s incredible!


We need to thank Instagram and Facebook for making us live our life and breathe some air rather then radiations!

Cats are working on!


I would have liked and shared this picture on Facebook if Facebook would be working…mmmm.

Jim’s reaction!


Twitter and Reddit would have seen the highest active users yesterday. Well, if people didn’t have any account they made it on different social media sites to avoid a low point in their life.



MySpace: Everybody has occupied my space, leaving me no space. So, no point. According to stats, in 2018 My Space had 50.8 million visitors! Well, who uses it? And for what? #Nostalgia.

After facebook revival!


Facebook just got a notification that you’re poked by at least one billion active users around the world!

How does this work?


New Twitter user searching Twitter manual on Google. How to use Twitter and what is[symbol] this on Twitter?

Pablo Escobar during FB & IG shut down!


One of the Twitter user tweets, “It turned you into an old man?! I didn’t know the internet was so magical!”. Well, it feels like you’re living without it for years!

It’s okay, to take some rest!


Instagram and Facebook employees took their first break after several years of satisfying the customers!

Wow, you look good!


People: Hey you look good and admirable, wanna hang out with me?

I can’t survive in the real world!


This goes similar to the situation when some cracks an inside joke and I’m like, “Let me in, please”.

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