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World’s second largest viral content Indian company

When we talk about startups – the central Indian city of Indore may pop up in our minds as a likely place for venture incubation. Indore after all, is known more for its history; its Chanderi and its Maheshwari saris-than as a cradle for budding IT entrepreneurs.


However, three city-based young entrepreneurs have shattered the glass ceiling with a product that is giving its competitors sleepless nights. Brothers Vinay Singhal, Parveen Singhal and their college friend Shashank Vaishnav are behind the fastest growing viral content website – Wittyfeed. The trio has proven that creativity and entrepreneurship are independent of any age limits or geographical boundaries. The oldest of the three is just 26.


Founders of WittyFeed

Listed among the top 500 most visited websites in India within a year of its operations, WittyFeed has arrived on the content map, arresting readers with its viral content. is, as it is branded, a “charticle platform. For everyone who loves to express, read, write, and explore.” It is like the YouTube of modern-age bloggers wanting to write ‘photo stories and listicles’. However, what makes WittyFeed really click with millions of readers across the globe is its hand-picked collection of viral content that’s trending on the Internet.

WittyFeed only recently crossed the mark of 45,000 concurrent users on their website at a given moment and six million unique visitors in a single day. And the team of 35 celebrated it by shaking a leg before a huge screen displaying ticking figures, in Silicon Valley style.


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