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World Sleep Day: Netizens Are Celebrating This Day With Hilarious Memes And Tweets.


Modern world celebrates many significant issues and important events, with a purpose of spreading awareness rather than merely making it an annual event of celebration. World Sleep Day is one such annual event which is designed to raise and create awareness among every individual.

This is organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society, founded by WSF and WASM. Their aim is to highlight the issues related to sleep deprivation, which includes social aspects as well as education and also medicine.

Now, this day highlights the importance of sleep in everyone’s life like we celebrate friendship and love on Friendship Day and Valentine’s Day. World Sleep Day is not a national holiday, where you will be sleeping all day, but instead should understand and learn how a good night’s sleep is so important.

Here we are celebrating good health, which should reinstate further that in the 21st century busy life most of our health related issues are because we are insomniac. Health issues attached to this, should be taken seriously.

Now, social media users said instead that this day is for those who loves to sleep, for the people,who thinks sleeping is their hobby and can would do anything to keep that in place. Netizens celebrated this day by sharing hilarious jokes and memes, which you should definitely see.













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