With Just Rs 100 In Their Pockets they are Hitchhiking Across India.

Travelling comes with its constraints – money, food and accommodation problems. But all of that doesn’t matter if you’re strong willed and determined to challenge the problems.

Meet Anuj Khurana and Ishan Kumar Singh Jadaun, who travelled across India with just Rs 100 in their pockets.



On July 2015, the journey began, which also led to the formation of Move-

So this is how the journey kick-started:

The travelling commenced from Gurgaon; the destination being Jaipur. Anuj was accompanied by two other friends: Ishant and Aakash. With 100 rupees in their pocket, they took their bikes and when the bikes ran out of fuel on the highway, the journey of hitchhiking began.

With no assured means of transportation, the trio changed 18 vehicles ranging from cars, trucks, bikes, Mercedes traveller and auto rickshaws.



As if this wasn’t enough, hunger pangs were their second enemy. They tried their luck in a pizza joint and various food stalls, crashed weddings. They also had to compromise on sleeping places.

The next destination was Mumbai.

By now, they were willing to share their stories with people. They killed their hunger pangs by interacting with people, singing songs on streets, and sharing their stories.


After that, their next destination was Pune – Goa – Aurangabad.

The same cycle continued: lifts from random strangers, borrowing food from food joints and random strangers.





Till then, they had experienced living on the edge- sleeping on the floors, living in an ashram, exploring flea markets.



The Second last stop was Bengaluru. Till then, they had shot to fame – people knew about them, they shared their travel experiences with a lot of people.

The final stop was Gujarat. The dwelled in the festive spirit of Garba, which was again an enthralling experience.



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