Who Is Responsible For Jenni “JWoww” Son’s Setback?


Jenni shattered by the son’s condition!


Jenni is really concerned about her son’s condition. Obviously, it’s the matter of concern as the 2 years old can’t speak. as other kids can speak at this age. Well, her fans support made her feel strong and obviously gave he positive outlook.

Jenni and Roger’s divorce!


The divorce really hurt the fans as they were going strong for three years. But the D-day arrived and they finally divorced each other. A source close to Jenni revealed her reason behind the sudden divorce, “She was just unhappy, and she wasn’t in love with him anymore. Roger has been trying everything he can to change her mind, but her mind is made up. She’s done.”

Roger went under therapy to win her back!


Roger underwent an electroshock therapy to become a better husband, he revealed the news on his Instagram account with a picture. He had installed the device on his back “Dirtbag 9000”. He then revealed, “Technology is an amazing thing. Science has advanced to the point my where they make shock therapy specifically designed for men to become better husbands.”

Jenni asked to pay for the child’s support!


I think she’s never looking back to go again hitch with the Roger. But I think they will try to hang out with their kids as the divorce thing can really affect the kids. The documents state that Jenni would like ‘primary residential custody’ of their two children – Meilani, four, and Greyson – but is asking Roger to pay child support, health insurance and other expenses related to healthcare.

Roger refused to admit there was any problem with son!


Amid the divorce filings, they were so strained that there were some developmental delays in his youngest child, Greyson. When Jenni was knocking the door of doctors, Roger would say, “He’s perfect. He’s going to be fine. This is no big deal.”‘

Jenni blams Roger for the son’s roadblocks!


Jenni was busy to fulfill the son’s development targets. But the Roger was not that concern with the development targets. He would just admit that is “Perfect”. When Greyson wasn’t hitting his marks in the world of doctors Roger, couldn’t, not that he couldn’t care less,”, she said to the sources.

The star is feeling alone!


Roger’s positive attitude made her feel alone. ‘In that aspect I felt very alone because I was the only parent, I thought, like “Am I bad wanting to get him help because Roger’s not concerned, so should i not be concerned?”‘,she said to the sources.

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