We Talked To A ‘Heaven’s Gate’ Cult Member About Being Left Behind


In 1997, 39 members entered ‘The Next Level.’ Four remain.

It’s hard out there for a cult, especially when you’re best known for wearing matching Nikes during a notorious mass suicide. Although that’s the image that comes to mind when we hear the words “Heaven’s Gate,” the cult has a much more storied past.

The group was founded in 1974 by two Texans: Marshall Applewhite, a music teacher and Army vet, and Bonnie Nettles, a nurse and spiritualist who reportedly met Applewhite at a drama school in the early 70s. The pair, who were known to cult members as “Bo” or “Do” (for Applewhite) and “Ti” or “Peep” (for Nettles), hit it off talking about religion, aliens, life after death and more.