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Watch: Revenge On His Mind, Brett Lee Takes On Sachin Tendulkar On A Go-Kart Track

Sachin Tendulkar and Brett Lee have had many epic battles on the field that have captured the imagination of cricket lovers worldwide. The Indian maestro taking on one of the fastest bowlers of all time was a sight not to be missed. But off the field, the duo shared a great bond and that has not diminished one bit with the passing of time. Lee, who travels to India quite often, has admitted on numerous occasions that Sachin was one of the toughest batsman to bowl to. However, it is not just on a cricket field that Sachin has got the better of Lee.

By Lee’s own admission, the two legends faced off on go-karting track in 2006 in Mumbai and during his recent visit to the city, the former Australian pacer challenged Sachin to a rematch.

Lee took to Twitter to post a YouTube video of the race and this is how things unfolded.

A few hours later Sachin replied to Lee’s tweet,”It was always a pleasure to play against you @BrettLee_58 but you’ve got to agree that my reaction time is slightly better, as you don’t know what it’s like to face your own self Giving out no spoilers about our karting battle 😛 Go watch it guys!”

The Australian was in complete agreement with Sachin’s comments and wrote: “Ha ha I agree 100%! Yeh good times mate. Always great to catch up champion. Everyone can check it out at.”

In 2012, Brett Lee and James Knight, who penned Lee’s biography – My Life, shared an incident when he went go-karting with Sachin in Mumbai after dinner.

“The Little Master suggested the pair go go-karting. Lee asked what time they’d go the next day. Tendulkar said ‘No. We’ll go now’,” said James Knight.

“Then I realised what I’d said – if there’s anyone who can have a go-karting place opened when he wants, it’s Sachin. He made a couple of calls and within 10 or 15 minutes we were there. His assistant brings out a No.10 (his playing number)go-kart, which I reckon was souped-up. I reckon I got stitched up for sure,” Lee said.

“Later, Sachin invited Brett Lee for a drive. “What time in the morning,” Lee asked. “No. Now,” Sachin replied. Soon Sachin arrived in his Ferrari and the two whizzed through the streets of Mumbai in the middle of the night.”

Lee has played a lot of cricket against India and against Tendulkar.

In 12 Tests against India, Lee has claimed 53 wickets, including two five-wicket hauls.

Lee has also played 32 ODIs against India, claiming 55 wickets. The Australian has four 5-wicket hauls to his name.

Lee, who retired in 2012, played 221 ODIs and 76 Test matches for his country. He has 380 wickets in ODIs and 310 in Tests.

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