Want To Give Your House An Expensive Look? These Easy And Cheap DIY Will Help You

If you have a normal looking home and you want to give your home an expensive look, then all you have to do is follow these easy and cheap DIY’s and you won’t believe the change in your house. Read the article to know these DIY’s…

This is how you make your floor look expensive, you can paint your vinyl or linoleum flooring.


Turn your old out dated vinyl floors into a brand new expensive looking floor. You can easily paint your vinyl floors and give an expensive look of your choice.

You can use cheap framed mirrors on your old closet doors, painted to match.


You can use large mirrors with old frames to give your closet an expensive look, by doing this you will have large closet, with full length mirrors.

You can also use curtains to cover unwanted things.


If your house is a junk magnet and you are just too attached to throw away any of the junk out, but you still want your house to look clean and expensive. An easy way to do that is to make shelves to keep your old junk on it and the cover it with classy curtains.

Style your drapes.


Are you tired of your boring curtains? No matter how much you change them and put on different colors of curtains it won’t help your house look good! Instead you can style your curtains by weaving them like a basket, this will give your curtains a classy look.

If not weaving a simple hardware can make your curtains look classy and expensive.


The tools that you require are very easily available at hardware stores and you can make this on your own very easily.

Hide those tangled wires.


We all know how uncool those tangled TV wires look and here we have a very easy way to get rid of them, just attach a rod under the TV and pass the cables through the rod. Now your TV area looks so much better.

Make your windows look better.


Use brackets to decorate a window that doesn’t need to be covered up with curtains, this will make your house look good and classy even from the outside.

Decorate your furniture.


One better way to improve your interior of the house is by decorating your furniture, like your fridge. You can use golden tape and tape your fridge in intervals giving it a nice design.

Use frames to make your TV area look even better.


Put some good designer frames around your TV which will give a beautiful look.

Try illusions to give your house a different prospective.


Yes you can give illusions, if your paint your walls in half with two different colors, this will make your house ceiling taller.

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