Unemployed Romanian Went Out Drinking With Friends, Wakes Up 1675 Miles Away With No Memory


We’ve all been there, you wake up in a weird place, completely dressed, head totally slamming, breath thick with the essence of brew, eyes like pinholes, a couple of knocks and wounds that weren’t there the prior night and zero memory. Cast your brain back and concentrate on how you felt at that time. Not the best, is it? Alright, now times that by 1,000 regardless you’re off by a long shot to the level of headfuckery this Romanian bloke figured out how to reach after his latest trip to the drunk.

Mihai Danciu


The exact last thing Mihai Danciu remember is being in his neighborhood, talking to his mates about finding a job and having drinks, pints or 10 with friends. Before he knows it, it’s seven days after the fact, he’s on the ground with a bruised eye and everybody around him is talking the different language.

Nightmare! But what happened exactly?


Some way or another, Mr. Danciu had gone from the bar in the place where he grew up of Albesti, Romania, to lie face down in the yard of a Central London building, 1,675 miles away. More odd still, he seemed to have been beaten and had no clue how he arrived.

A nurse tried to help him


As yet recouping from what it’s likely fair to expect was a standout amongst the most cataclysmic hangovers ever, the confounded drinker was taken to Whipps Cross doctor’s facility, where a Romanian medical nurse addressed him and affirmed that he was in London.

Adina posted it on the Facebook


Attendant Adina Costache at that point posted his story on a Facebook page for Romanians in the UK, trusting that somebody could help reveal some insight into how Danciu had ended up so distant from home. Click on the next page to continue the story.

She wrote in the post..


“He was found drunk and it looks like he had been beaten up, he was in a courtyard. He was brought to our hospital, but he told me he doesn’t know anyone in London and he was amazed to find he was no longer in Romania. He has no idea how we got to London. If someone knows him and wants to send me a private message I can pass it on to him. He is admitted to the department where I work.”

Local media started solving the mystery


Local media in Romania have now volunteered to unravel the riddle and have affirmed that he was most recently seen drinking with his friends seven days before. Neighbors said that Danciu had lived with his partner and their kids in her grandparents’ home, however, that he had vanished seven days back. Click on the next page to know more.

One neighbor said..


A person said, “He was a really nice guy, although of late he hasn’t been himself because he drinks too much. The drink caused him memory loss in the past, so it’s no wonder that he ended up like this.”

Sad but true story.


Until further notice, the occasions that drove him to London are as yet not clear, however, one thing without a doubt, it won’t be a simple one to explain to his sweetheart.

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