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Twitter Is Already Raging With Hilarious Apple iPhone Tweets!


The whole world was waiting for the launch of new Apple products. Well, with the launch, the brand has given people more memes and funny tweets to the world. Thank you, Apple. Let’s look over the hilarious tweets.

It’s triggering Trypophobia


If you don’t what is trypophobia, it’s fear of holes that causes distressing!

They should provide a free fidget spinner


To distress yourself, a fidget spinner will be a savior.

Jimmy Fallon capturing a photo with iPhone 11 Pro


In which lens should I look? The triple camera system will make me look weirder.

The tagline of every iPhone


“Soch Bhi mat” means “Don’t even think about it” While “Aukat mei reh” means “Don’t even think about me”

Tim can cook now!


We know how dramatically iPhone temperature increases. So, with the inbuilt stove, you can cook your food too.

Don’t buy it!


It’s making more anxious. Before Apple hilarious tweets, I didn’t know what the hell “Trypophobia” meant.

Arnold with Camera gun!


It’s a professional camera bruh!

You can shave too!


I bet it takes razor-sharp images!

What’s new?


“Sorry for disappointing you again”

Malala Tweets about it!


“You know all the insights Malala!”

It does suck for a good reason!


If it comes into existence it would be at least $500! Logically all of its products suck!

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