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Travis Or Tyga? Kris Jenner Finally Reveals Who Is Stormi’s Father

The romance between Kylie and Travis has been on the cards and off lately they have seemed to be taking their parenting roles very seriously. The arrival of the baby has got them much closer than before. However, some speculations were raised after Kylie’s daughter Stormi was born and it was said that Kylie’s ex Tyga thought the baby is his. He was eager to get a glimpse of the girl and also demanded a paternity test. However, Kylie’s strong support pillars her family and friends especially her mother Kris are very protective of her. Although the speculations were not clear Kris decides to put a light on it and reveals the truth. Read the article to know more…

The controversy just keeps rising for the Kardashians as people still doubt who is the real baby daddy!


The Kardashians have always been in the news for one or the other controversy, that’s why they are so famous, aren’t they!? This time its Kylie Jenner in the center of the controversy with a possible confusion of who the baby daddy is!

Kylie Jenner previously dated Tyga!


Kylie started her star-studded relationship with Tyga about a year back, it was officially confirmed that Tyga and Kylie were dating. But, it didn’t go on for too long, soon the star- couple broke up.

Soon after ending things with Tyga, Kylie moved on to dating Travis Scott.


Before we know it, Kylie was out already dating Travis Scott, Kylie recently gave birth to the baby girl and she named her ‘Stormi’. Everyone was really happy for the celebrity couple, Travis and Kylie came closer in their relationship.

What if Tyga is the real baby daddy and he just doesn’t know about it…


Tyga after the breakup with Kylie has turned himself being more productive, that’s what we think. But a source explains, “Tyga is on tour in Europe but that has not stopped him obsessing about Kylie, he’s still blowing up her phone. He usually calls after his show when he’s had a few and his guard is down. He drunk dials her and cries about how lonely he is without her.” Now, Kris Jenner finally takes a stand to reveal the real baby daddy of Stormi on Next Page…

Kylie never told Travis that she still talks to Tyga!


The source further explains, “Kylie is very happy with Travis right now, but she still loves getting the calls from Tyga, it’s such a huge ego boost. Kylie doesn’t feel guilty about it because she never picks up the phone when Tyga calls.”

People are still not convinced about who really is the baby daddy!?


The source said, “Kylie and Travis spend very little time together. Kylie is not happy about it. Travis only has a few more tour dates left, and then he is off for the holidays, Kylie is hoping he will step things up once the tour is finished.”

If Travis is really the baby daddy, then why did Kylie turn his marriage proposal down?


A source said, “When Kylie and Travis were on their trip he spontaneously asked her to marry him, but she turned him down, for now.” Kylie’s refusal to Travis’s marriage proposal just shows that there might be a slight chance that Tyga has something to do with it. Kris Jenner speaks up on Next Page…

Kris Jenner speaks on the ‘Kyle and Jackie O’ show.


The host of the show, Kyle says, “Tyga was chiming in saying maybe it was his baby, I thought, oh god, this is going to get messy.” It is difficult figure what Tyga was actually referring at…

Kris Jenner quickly responded, defending her daughter…


Kris quickly responded saying, “Oh no, no no. I think that was just a bunch of silly rumors as usual, business as usual on the Internet.”

Then why did Kylie Jenner turn Travis’s proposal down?


Is Kylie having doubts about their relationship? The source further said, “Plus, she gets lots of guidance from Khloe [Kardashian] who is encouraging her to wait on the whole wedding thing.”

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