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TMOG Amber & Her New Take a Romantic Vacay!

Here we have another news where Teen mom Amber and her new boyfriend go on a romantic vacation. Read the article to know more…

Amber met Andrew.


Previously if was revealed that Amber me her dream guy Andrew while filming Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition.

Things were going really great for the couple…


Things were going really great for the couple, until Amber found out that her new boyfriend was hit with a restraining order…. read on the next page to know more…

Tragedy struck the new couple.


Amber found out that her new boyfriend was hit with a restraining order from his ex-girlfriend. Angeles, Glennon’s ex-girlfriend filed a restraining order against him on October 30, 2013.

Amber was shocked to know….


Amber was shocked to know Andrew had a shady past where he harassed his ex after his break up by doing all sorts of mischief like throwing stones on her window and lot more…to know what Amber did next read on the next page….

Amber was shocked to know that Andrew never told her about his past.


Andrew then apologized to Amber saying, “I apologize to you, Amber, her fans, and anyone following us, I know I can be the man she’s been waiting for, I’ve been waiting for her in my life, and we both had to go through some real life experience to realize that. Our love is real, and I want to see it through.”

Amber seems to have forgiven Andrew now as they are on a romantic vacation now!


Now, there appears to be no trouble in paradise at all as Portwood and Glennon relax on a Hawaiian beach! She couldn’t be happier with her new boyfriend as she shared photos from their vacation together in Hawaii. See those exciting pictures on the next page……

A romantic getaway with Andrew Glennon.


Portwood, 27, shared a shot on Instagram writing, “Sending love from Hawaii so beautiful and calming.”

Split screen photos


Amber posted a picture of herself wearing sunglasses, a sun hat, and floral shirt, next to the other picture, of Glennon flexing his pecs, she captioned, “LOL yeah,” including a smile and kiss emoji for Glennon’s flexing.

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