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TMOG Amber Explodes in Epic Twitter Rant Against Ex Gary & Wife Kristina!

As we all know how important it is for a mother to take care of herself during and after her pregnancy, though Amber had previously given birth to her daughter Leah, still the concern remains. Amber never really had a good record when it comes to society. Along with many other stars in the show, Amber was one who used drugs too, now over the year fans and MTV producers have exploited her struggles and made a joke off it! Amber explodes in anger, read the article to know more…

Amber has been through a lot in the show!


When Amber was in 16 and Pregnant, she was involved in an incident where she was arrested and kept in prison on drug-related charges. Amber has had pretty tough relationships, just like any other human being Amber is not comfortable with her life being exploited!

Amber had a history of rocky relationships in the past…


As fans know that Amber and her fiance Matt Baier were having issues, and things were not good between them, three years ago in May when cheating rumours surfaced and Matt failed the lie detector test.

Amber finally broke up with Matt.


Amber Portwood didn’t waste any time moving on from ex-fiancé Matt Baier! Both Matt and Amber did not waste any time on each other after their breakup.

Amber bursts into anger on Twitter.


Amber finally loses it and tweets, “I’ve been on this show for 10 years. I’ve been through hell! MTV has turned my pregnancy and this relationship into a joke in one of the happiest times of my life. Apparently, my life is just for people to tell me how horrible I am as a mother because I went through depression!” You won’t believe what Amber said next, read on Next Page…

Amber was struggling with depression over her breakup with Matt Baier.


Amber was very angry about viewers being critical about Amber staying away from her daughter, she said, “Remember if your going through hell make sure you keep it all inside. And people should be able to say whatever they say about you. Especially your ex! Make sure when your suicidal that you always have your kid right next to you the whole time! It’s very healthy for them!! Idiots.”

Andrew keeps me going, says Amber!


Amber explained how important Andrew is to her, “Andrew is the reason I was able to pull myself together! He showed me that life was worth living! I’m thankful to have him because now I will be ALIVE for my daughter and family!” You won’t believe what Amber said about Gary and his wife, read on Next Page…

Amber fires upon ex-Gary and Kristina!


Amber fires at her ex- Gary and his wife, “Make sure to watch Gary and Kristina tonight talking shit about me! It must be hard making money off of me! Being such a bad mom and all. Where would they be? a 1 bedroom shack in the ghetto of Anderson where he was before I got out and the show came back on!! Ignorant!”

Amber has finally opened up her anger!


Amber takes her anger out on everyone, “It didn’t use to be like that. Now if there’s no drama then it will be created. I’m sick of people commenting on things just blatantly not true? It’s disgusting!”

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