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TM2 Star’s Arrest Linked to Double Homicide!

The Teen Mom stars are no innocent people, the teen moms are in a constant battle with each other and their baby daddies, many of the teen moms and their respective baby daddies have been arrested for drug use many times in the past. Many Teen Mom stars have come under the radar for drug abuse on a reality show. Who is to blame for their drug use? Now we have a shocking new update that another teen mom arrest is linked to a double homicide!? Read the article to know more…

Drug abuse is not new for the teen mom stars!


The Teen Mom show is not a family show when it comes to the drug abuse. Many Teen Moms have been caught using drugs in the past and many faced strict punishments!

Adam has repeatedly got himself arrested in the past.


Halbur claimed previously that Adam was a dangerous person and now he proved to be dangerous again. Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy Adam Lind was arrested a few weeks ago for domestic assault.


Ryan Edwards drug abuse during his own marriage.


Ryan’s drug abuse incident had shocked the millions of fans of the show, but MTV still failed to take serious action against him, instead, he was just sent to rehab and was still part of the show!

A double homicide for the TM2 stars???


Just when people thought that after the show’s previous reputation with drug abuse, there wouldn’t be anyone who would repeat such a crime. But now a new Teen Mom has been arrested who is linked to a double homicide, who is this TM2 star? Find out on Next Page…

The show had many shocking incidents!


The Teen Mom show has a history of shocking incidents like when Amber Portwood went on a violent streak, physically abusing her ex- Gary Shirley. Though Amber was later arrested for the physical abuse.

Who is this TM2 star linked to a double homicide?


Unlike any other arrest in the Teen Mom show, this one is by far the most shocking one. For the very first time, a TM2 star has been linked to a double homicide arrest! Who is this TM2 star? Find out on the Next Page…

Jenelle’s ex-Kieffer has been arrested for a shocking crime.


After so many years of separating from Jenelle, Kieffer was arrested on January 10 and charged with operating a methamphetamine lab and now Justin was arrested on January 10 for possession of a controlled drug or substance and possession or use of drug paraphernalia.

Adam Lind’s best friend Justin Anderson…


It has been reported that along with Kieffer, Adam’s best friend Justin Anderson doesn’t seem to be leaving jail anytime soon! A spokesperson said, “Anderson remains in prison with no bond, his parole officer put a hold on him for breaking his parole. It is the parole officer’s decision on when he’ll be released. Anderson had meth and a syringe in his pocket during the search.”

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