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TM2 Fans Go Crazy Over Kail’s Nip Slip!

Here we have another shocking Teen Mom story where TM2 fans have gone crazy over Teen Mom Kail nip slip. Read the article to know more…..

It still is a big news.


Teen Mom has suffered many incidents in the past, with Farrah making a porn video in the past, a simple wardrobe malfunction is the least of anyone’s concern. But still it is a big news for Kail’s fans….

TM2 Kail has never been shy of her body.



Kail has never been shy of her body in the show, she has always been very confident of her body and always wanted to show off. But this time she suffered a wardrobe malfunction…

Kail has body full of tattoos.


Kail have more tattoos on her body that we can count. But she has never suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

Some of her tattoos ask to reveal too much…


Like her full back tattoo that she posted on social media long ago, this shows that she has never been shy of her body. But fans are going crazy over her nip slip, to see the pictures go on the next page….

Kailyn Lowry was just goofing off


While Kail was goofing on snapchat she said, “It’s funny how you have a more liberal sense of your nipples when you’ve given birth and are nursing a child.”

News of the slippage spread like wildfire


Kail got notifications that a ton of people were taking screenshots of her videos, Kail said, “Ya’ll are too much right now … from the time I snapped maybe ten minutes ago, I have over 100 screenshots of my nip slip.” See the pictures of her nip slip that the fans are going so crazy for on the next page….

She got alerted by a friend


Kail had been holding Baby Lo, while wearing a low-cut tank perfect for breastfeeding when the nip slip happened.

Instead of deleting it she she said “Sorry,” with a sarcastic shrug.


Kail says in anger, “It’s not even a whole nipple — it’s a crescent of a nipple.” It’s hilarious though that everyone took a screenshot to preserve it for fun.

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