This Duggar Couple Broke The Cultural Rules Before Tying The Knot!


The Duggar Rules and Traditions!


Everyone who watches the show knows about the Duggars family knows about their stringent family rules. When a couple enters into courtships rules can’t even kiss their paramour. The closer you can get is by indulging into side hugs.

John David Duggar and his wife broke the rule!


In the picture, you can see John’s to be wife Abbie getting really handsy with him while he was piloting the plane with Abbie as the co-pilot. Immediately, some of the prudish ‘Counting On’ started dissing the couple for breaking the family’s code of conduct during courtship.

Jill Duggar shows off the shoulder and nose piercing!


On May 24, Jill Duggar was seen showing off his shoulders in the video. While after that she was caught on wearing jeans, short dresses above the knees and even with the nose ring. Well, Jim Bob didn’t say anything about her breaking the rules. But it was a shock for the fans as she is going her way.

Austin and Joy-Anna Relationship!


The happy couple got married after the two months of their engagement.  The baby Forsyth was born on Feb 23 and she gave birth in the hospital due to the complications as you know that Duggars are to give birth at home. But amid the pregnancy, there was something suspicious!

Austin and Joy-Anna sex scandal!


Joy-Anna was pregnant with the baby but many speculated that there was something fishy. “Her due date is on February 22, 2017, her conception date was on June 1st, 2017 and her wedding was on May 27, 2017. If anyone have [sic] doubt just check on Google reverse conception date, one of the fans commented on the post.

That comes one more!


In the past couple was seen doing the saw job. As the Austin does house flipping job. Joy-Anna was helping in her in it. But the fans speculated that they were being touchy to each other. That obviously becomes for the Duggars fans. And obviously, for me.

The Couple broke the rules before tying the knot!


The couple was found hugging each other! Well, the side hug is the limit in the Duggar family. But the video was surfaced online, both hugging. It was nine months before tying the knot. They thought that no one will notice them.

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