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Things you will see of Salman Khan in ‘Sultan’

Bollywood hotties Salman Khan is busy shooting for his upcoming drama ‘Sultan,’ starring Anushka Sharma. While Sallu plays a renowned wrestler in the film, his emotional side got the better of him recently. According to a report on BollywoodLife, the actor unexpectedly broke down on the sets of the film.

Apparently, the actor was singing an emotional song ‘Jag Ghumiya’ for the film, and couldn’t hold back his tears, stated the report. The song describes the life of a man who travels the whole world but manages to find peace only within himself.

A source also told Bollywood Life that Salman was completely speechless and lost in thoughts once he was done recording the song. Going by the reports, we wonder if this song will be Salman’s best yet and that thought is definitely upping our excitements to catch the film on the silver screen. What about you?







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