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These People Who Had Extreme Plastic Surgery Will Shock You

The surgeries are taken to new levels of bizarre in this modern world. But some surgeries are good and some will freak you out. So we have listed these people who had the most extreme surgeries.

Herbert Chavez


This man is a fan of a fictional character, but he took his love for Superman to another level. But aspiring to look EXACTLY like them and now we’re talking bizarre.

He’s had 23 surgeries


Herbert had an unbelievable 23 surgeries to resemble his idol. These surgeries extend from whitening of the skin to raising the jaw and substantially more. He put in 18 years to resemble his idol.

Vanilla Chamu


On the subject of changes, we question this one would be difficult to top. Why? Since Vanilla Chamu spent over $100,000 to resemble a French doll and her change is really crazy.

She had 30 surgeries


Vanilla had 30 surgeries and spent $100,000 all the while. Vanilla got breast implants, eyelid surgery, nose surgery for a ‘western’ look. We should state, it worked. Isn’t that right?

Rodrigo Braga


Canines are charming, isn’t that so? They’re charming, fluffy and full of love. Even they go about as inspirational characters as well! But, can dog motivate people to appear as though them? The answer is uncovered beneath.

Turned out to be work of an artist


At the first the photograph was viral. Later on, it was understood that it was an art. The artist Rodrigo had a silicon cast made of his face and afterward got the mouth and ears of a dog sewed to it. Thank god!

Justin Jedlica


We assure you that the person in this photo is a real person with the name Justin Jedlica, not a doll, in spite of the fact he wants to become one.

Had more than 340 cosmetic procedures


Justin had more than 340 cosmetic procedures, by spending £400,000. He went under the surgery first when he was 18 and few of the surgeries include a nose job, chest implants, bicep implants.

Valeria Lukyanova


Valeria is the nearest thing you’ll run over to a real-life doll. Her surgically improved features are unbelievable and shocking.

Is a spiritual speaker too


If looking like a Barbie doll wasn’t enough. Valeria is a spiritual speaker too! According to Wikipedia, she had breast implants and uses contact lenses to give the illusion of the blue eyeballs, but apart from that, she’s natural.

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