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The Jungle Book- Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai, Mowgli is back

This takes me back to the drowsy summer afternoon on a Saturday when I’d struggle to keep my eyes open so I could watch 1:30 PM repeat telecasts while demanding for an orange candy to tide me through, before falling asleep (only to wake up to The Lion Kingat 5 PM). I don’t think Sahara channel ever served a purpose greater than that.

There was no other story I demanded to be read before bed time as much as this one. I never had any difficulty relating to this book, you see. Raksha was Mother, she did as any mother would. I still have a stuffed toy bear called Balloo and a monkey called Kaa (I refused to let a snake into my home is the explanation). Every single tiger on Discovery channel was christened Sher Khan in my mind.

It has taught me so many lessons, without my understanding at that age, which today form a base for my core values. I wanted to be like Bagheera and his little friend. I wished the red flower and the urge for possession wouldn’t drive one mad. I hoped King Louie’s curiosity would turn out for the better. I prayed the little boy could stay where he felt he belonged.

Will I watch the movie in Hindi? No. Will I gush over this to my parents the moment I reach home? Yes.
I feel four years old again.

I never thought the newer generations would ever get to hear this. Ever.
It’s been so long, Mowgli.

Lyrics by Gulzar
Music by Vishal Bhardwaj
Singers: Jia Wadkar, Yuvika Chaudhury, Abhirup Dass, Vatsala Mishra, Shaksham Karia, Rashi Salil Harmalkar, Avishkar Yogesh Khot and Oushnik Majumdar.

In Cinemas April 8th 2016.

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