The Hilarious Rock Driving Meme Will Never Get Old!


Do you know the origin of this meme? The protagonist Jack asks Sara an question while driving. The meme is captured in the Adventure film Race to the witch mountain. Well, it’s been 10 years to the meme! But this meme never goes old! Nostalgia moment ahead. Scroll down!

I hope you get this!


Rock: I have a good body, even the paper wrap me around I can tear it easily!

I can’t control myself!


Same goes with small kids. They just can’t control their bladder. The car gets flooded with water!

Your name is Dwayne!


Please don’t use your name related to nature. Name like Stone Cold, Rock, and I can’t remember more, just avoid it!

Just stop giving weird face reaction!


I think he is learning to park the vehicle. So, don’t disturb him, Sara.

Baby, baby!


Are you kidding me? Well, he has a cute voice.



But you don’t know why did he die. So you can keep reading it. You’ll be surprised!

You daughter of b*tch!


Rock doesn’t pull over the girl but opens the door and pushes her out of the car!

Oops sorry!


Recently I saw a picture of a guy looking like Hitler in the gym. He was not shedding all the Jewish but his fats! LOL.

Baby and Rock!


You’re scaring this little kid Rock. By playboy, he meant Playbook. Duh!

And the last one!


It’s the first time Rock smiled! Well, old memes are the best and the new one are also the best after some years.

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