The Bachelorette Star Cameron Victim Of Public Violence In Serious Condition!


The Bachelorette’s former contestant Cameron Cranley and a Firefighter has been popular and a fan favorite. Recently Australia’s next Bachelor got caught in a mess that took place in public. After the incident, Cameron took the Instagram to convert the incident to the world. Stay tuned to know that complete story.

Cameron Cranley


Cameron Cranley is a 28-year-old model and firefighter by occupation. Cam is born in Perth, Australia on January 15, 1989.

Cameron Canley Appearance On Reality Bachelorette Australia


Cameron Cranley the handsome firefighter has starred on Bachelorette Australia with Georgia Love. While Cameron did not win the show but was definitely a fan favorite. Cameron also has a huge gay fan base.

Left Heartbroken



Cameron connection with Georgia Love during The Bachelorette has ended and he has been left heartbroken. The fact that Cameron is missing from the cast ‘could only mean he is getting invested in his job.’

Cameron Cranley New Bachelor


It has recently can in the news that the handsome firefighter has been offered the role by television producers. Rumor has it his brother Kyle Cranley may also be the Bachelor alongside Cam. Stay tuned to know about Cam and the incident took place in the public on the next page…

Cameron Cranley Out In The Public


The Bachelorette’s former contestant  Cameron Cranley on Friday night was out with his friend. During which he was in an unprovoked attack. Cameron Cranley was beaten very badly and has suffered a serious injury.

Shocking Injuries


The former reality shows star Cam Cranley took to Instagram today to share pictures of his stunning injuries, including a cracked sanctuary, eye attachment, and cheek. In an unprovoked attack, Cam was badly bitten.

A CT Scan Of His Skull


The 28-year-old firefighter also shared a photo of a CT scan of his skull, revealing the extent of his injuries. Stay tuned for know more about Sam on the next page…

Undergo Facial Surgery


The Bachelorette’s Cameron Cranley is to undergo a facial surgery after getting the massive and serious injury on Friday night. Look at the injury it seems serious and he may have to rest for a while to recover completely.

MRI Scan Of His Skull


The star shared a picture of an MRI scan of his skull, which uncovered a ‘cracked temple, eye socket, and cheek.’ At which point he unveiled that he will experience ‘face surgery’ for his injuries.

Coward’s Punch


Cam Cranley was in an unprovoked fight on a Friday night he went on to the Instagram on Monday and shared many photos from the hospital bed. He went on adding ‘For those who don’t know I was king hit by a stranger without warning on Friday night.’ Calling it a ‘coward’s punch’.

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