Thanos Is Snapped Out But His Memes Are Flooding The Internet!


This is a dark meme!


Just imagine if you take someone with Alzheimer’s for a movie. You will just get f**ked up! No offense to the people who have dementia/Alzheimers.

Thanos at the beginning of Avengers end game!


Avengers Endgame’s new tagline: “it ain’t over ’til it’s ogre”. We see no lies.

Tom alone can defeat Thanos!


I think we should get Jerry on the field as he is the one who defeats Tom many times! And Jerry is the Iron man! WOAAAH.

James Charles!


James: Whoever it is. I’m inevitable.

Tati Westbrook: And…I…AM…Tatti.

Do you love sneakers?


They cost the same amount! It doesn’t cost anything.

True story!


Well, this was a childhood and in the end, I used to take my decision and I was screwed over this!

Back to square one!


Can’t relate to that. It makes me feel… Almost sick. How can people enjoy such perverted stuff? I can’t believe people have girlfriends.

I can relate this.


And when you couldn’t upvote that promising meme one scroll further down: I’m sorry little one.

This is a good meme.


Reality won’t be disappointing. I couldn’t find the link if you know, just drop in the comment box.

Pawn Stars.


“I’ll be honest man, the stones are nice, but I’ll have to get them looked at, they’ll be on my shelf for a while, especially because the Gauntlet you got here isn’t one size fits all, I just… I don’t know. I’m not seeing more than $20 here, man.”

Every old man.


The amount I could relate to this meme is insane. I know only my parents and friends that’s it.

We need to correct this!


He is evil in everybody’s story. I guess Thanos is going to be this generation Joker, isn’t he?



To be honest I didn’t watch Avengers or any of the movies of Marvel. But when I did, it was purely magical.

Japanese people


Well, this is quite hilarious and quite dark for Japanese people! *America Drops*

Would you accept it?


When you buy the infinity stones or gauntlet for $24.99 just open it in incognito mode!

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