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Teen Mom Star Announces Her Last Season On The Show!

The Teen Mom show is full of major drama, controversy, and entertainment. There only a few reasons why a Teen om star would quit the show, if she had enough from the show, someone forced her to quit, and many more. Looks like this year the reunion episode came with a shocking news, where one Tene mom star announced that this will the last season for her on the show, who is it? Read the article to know more…

This year has been a real drama for the Teen Mom show.


Just at the start of the year 2018, Teen Mom star Farrah was finally fired from the Teen Mom show. After months of ongoing battle with Farrah, the producers finally managed to get her out of the show.

Following Farrah, David Eason was fired from the show as well!


Following David’s huge Twitter rant with the fans, the MTV producers decided to fire David Eason from the show too. There might only a few reasons why a Teen Mom star would quit the show on her own!

There are many reasons why a Teen Mom star could quit the show!


Some reasons why a Teen Mom star would quit are, either she has got a new show of her own, if she is tired of the drama and controversy, to protect her children, etc.

Which Teen Mom star quit the show?


The Teen Mom show has already fired one of the original Teen Mom Farrah from the show, what will happen to the show if another one gets out? Who is this Teen Mom who announced she is quitting? Find out on Next Page…

Tired of all the drama and controversy, is Kailyn Lowry quitting the show?


The Tweet was about Kail getting upset for being in the same room as Briana, “I don’t wanna be around these people.”

Even Jenelle wants Kail to leave the show, she tweeted back saying…


Tired of Kail’s nagging, Jenelle replied to the tweet saying, “I don’t want to be around you.” “Don’t want to be around you.” “Don’t want to be around those people!” Dude… can we not all be civil? Crazy how people want drama SO bad, yet she doesn’t leave.”

Fans are really shocked by this Teen Mom stars announcement of quitting the show!


We all know that when a person attains fame it doesn’t last for long, similarly young reality TV star assumes they’ll be famous forever which is not true. Keeping this in mind one of the star mom of the show has announced she is quitting the show, find out who she is on the Next Page…

Kailyn was clearly not a fan of Vee when she first showed up in Jo’s life.


Jo Rivera was Kail’s first relationship on the Teen Mom show, after ending the relationship with Kail, Jo soon found the girl of his life, Vee Torres. After years of struggle Kail and Vee finally found a common ground.

Vee announced this is her last season on the show!


Many fans wrote on Twitter saying they missed seeing her on the show, to which Vee replied, “It’s my last season and I won’t be on much this one either. Sorry boo!!” Vee hasn’t specified if Jo will be quitting as well, she didn’t even specify why is she quitting the show.

Why is Vee quitting the show?


Vee recently tweeted, “Energy is contagious, positive and negative alike. I will forever be mindful of what and who I am allowing into my space.” One fan replied, “Same here the older you get the more you realize you don’t have to deal with people that are negative,” Vee wrote back, “I won’t be dealing with it and i won’t have my daughter around it either!”

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