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Teen Mom OG Might Come To An End, Farrah Not Surprised!

Every show has got its ups and downs and even the Teen Mom show has been through it. It might be because of any of the stars that make a negative fame or the story gets boring. After making it successfully it has been said that the show might end. However, the recently fired teen mom says it is not a surprise is it because of this reason that Farrah made the entire drama and got herself fired? Read more to know what happened…

The Teen Mom show thrives off celebrities who bring the most ratings to the show.


The Teen Mom star who brings the most drama and controversy gets the maximum ratings for the show. By far Farrah Abraham was the only Teen Mom star who was capable of doing that, she was one of the original Teen Mom stars after all!

Farrah was fired in the month of March!


Farrah was fired and replaced by the Teen Mom show, Farrah then filed a lawsuit against MTV and Viacom which she settled a few weeks ago. Farrah knew she was being fired from the show for the wrong reasons and the show would suffer.

The producer said out of the 9 TM stars Farrah is the most troublesome!


Farrah’s recent activities make it clear that she brings the most drama, and without her, the ratings might tip downward. Farrah on hearing about her replacement responded saying, ‘I wish them all the best with the show.’

Farrah predicted the ratings would fall without her, is it true?


Farrah was very confident that the show would fall to crumbles without her and it exactly happened as she predicted. After hearing that the show’s ratings were falling, Farrah said some really shocking things on Next Page…

Previously, Farrah ended her time in TM on a high note.


Farrah said, ‘I’m out on a high note. This is the longest season in history and I’m their biggest star. I can do my own show, but I don’t want to focus on reality TV, I’m focusing on scripted opportunities but will always enjoy a good reality TV project. I don’t know what the show is doing,’ she said. ‘You could take all the girls on all the series, but none can bring or do as much as I do for the series.’

What does the show’s stats say??


The stats of the show reveals that March 12 episode when Farrah Abraham was fired from the show, the show had the maximum ratings of around 1,135,000.

Further details of stats…


The show ratings of the show dropped right after Farrah left the show. On 19 March, ratings were 1,097,000. The ratings further declined by 26 March, to 1,044,000. Farrah gave some shocking reaction to the show’s falling ratings, read on Next Page…

The ratings further fell down from a million to 992,000…


Farrah reacted saying, “It’s no surprise that the Teen mom ratings went down since I’ve left. I know that other families rely on this show for income and I hope it continues even if it’s now run its course.”

Farrah knew from the beginning!


Farrah further said, “MTV has really ruined what could be an amazing show by bullying, ruining natural storylines, shaming, and interfering in the real lives of these parents and children.”

Farrah explained she might start her own show!


Farrah explained, “I’m happy I separated myself. I hope to produce and develop award-winning shows as my 10 years of experience has me confident of what our future needs,” she said. “I am quality, authentic, real and I will only create shows, films and digital content that delivers that.”

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