Tall People Are Sharing Their Daily Life Struggles And They’re Quite Hilarious!


This is how he hugs his Mom!


Well, this is cute as its totally “Aww” moment.

Fitting room struggle.


This guy is 6′ 11” and changing in the fitting room doesn’t make any difference.

Smile, please!


Do a squat. That way you get a pic plus you get to skip leg day at the gym.

This is old but still gold


I love everything about this. I’m curious about what did he text back?

Bathroom struggles.


Having a face to face encounter with dispenser it’s the last thing I want.

Fit in the frame!


The Dutch are born tall so they can keep their heads above sea level.

The shower cap loses its purpose


I’m 5’5″ and I’m glad that I don’t have such problems except taking the things from the top shelf/

Extra mirror.


Genius level:100. It’s better than cutting out your face.

Book me the first seat!


This guy says “I Can Only Sit In A Plane Like This If There Is No Seat In Front Of Me, Normal Seats Are 100% Impossible Or I Will Block The Walking Path”

We have a tall girl in the house.


Do tall girls feel insecure when they date short girls as compared to them?

Empty the front seat


Thank god, the front seat is empty.

Should I say yes?


The guy bents down and the girl is like, “oh my god, are you propo…?’ And then they kiss.

How’s the view?


I once gave up my emergency exit row seat for a tall person. At 5’5 I didn’t need all that leg room.

When you’re rich and tall.


This is the Dutch DJ Afrojack.

Finally the perfect match!


Next to *average height* people. I’m sure they are normal too.

Small Room or big hat?


Why not both. If he wants to have a comfortable conversation, it’s his spot.

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