Through surrogacy became a father at the age of 39 Tushar Kapoor

Mumbai. Bollywood actor Tushar Kapoor (39) have become a father. Well, not married yet blight, but the son of a father through surrogacy, they are made, named target (Laksshya) is placed. Single parent blight become happy …
– Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre in Mumbai last week, was born the son of blight. Tushar Kapoor became the single parent through surrogacy.
– Confirm the news, he said, “I am very happy to become a father of goal. Now she will bring happiness into my life. God’s grace and with the help of excellent team of Jaslok parents can also become people who are single. ”
– Tushar Kapoor family of new members joining the parents are very excited Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor.
– this, he said,” we are delighted to be the target grandparents are. blight in the Decision are supported him completely. certainly it is a blessing from God.
– it’s your responsibility to prove that he is following the Blight is a good son. we make sure that the target for the better The father will be. “
Frost became a father last week, Know what the doctor said?
Jaslok Hospital doctor turquoise Parekh (IVF department) today Tushar Kapoor to father a child while speaking to Journey stock …
– Turquoise said: “I am very impressed with Tom. He is extremely bold step in his life.”
– Tushar about his encounter with Turquoise said: “I first met Tom he was 39 years old he said. career due to busy wife can not give the time. However, he and his desire to have the baby through surrogacy have been completed. ”
-” in this case unity, Jeetendra and Shobha have their full support. blight surrogacy and pregnancy were about taking care of one thing. they are present throughout the whole process and ever VIP Behav did not like. ”
– According to the doctor,” Tom’s son was born last week. However, , just one member of a family of frost during delivery was present. at the moment, the target condition is fine. he is healthy and beautiful. “

These Celebs also
have recourse to surrogacy
The practice of surrogacy is quite old in Bollywood. Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan’s home this technology because of the many stars that echoed throughout the whining.
– Shah Rukh Khan’s youngest son born through surrogacy AbRam. Gauri, Aryan and Suhana, Shah Rukh already parents, but for the third child, he resorted to surrogacy.
– Aamir Khan’s son Azad was born through IVF technology. Aamir-Kiran’s surrogacy help Home 5 December, 2011. Azad was born.
– Director Farah Khan became mother at the age of 40 through surrogacy. February 11, 2008, his home, three children (two girls, one boy) was born.

– After ten years of marriage in 2011 with the help of this technology and the range of Sohail Khan was born Johann home. Nirvana normal pregnancy through the birth of the couple’s first son was born.These are single parents of Bollywood


– Sushmita Sen single parent of two daughters Renee and Alisha are. Alone without getting married, they are babysitting.
– More than 400 Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films Shobhana daughter Narayani, who are single parent.

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