Stores That Looks Like They’re Built In Future!


Everyday and then we go to grocery stores or shopping mall to buy daily part of your life. But have you found something that says, “I’m from future”. Well, in this article you will get startle by seeing that!

Shopping cart nowadays!


Adding cell phones holder on the shopping cart is great! But people would hit off with each other and probably leave their phone on the cart!

Adding maps to the supermarket trollies!


If you’re wondering what’s written? It’s in the Swedish language! The only thing I can understand is Cafe, Entry, fruits, and that’s it!



Definitely a psychological shoplifting deterrent. But you can say that you don’t need storekeepers now! Totally obsolete.

Double sided printed receipt!


Stores are saving their money and trees. So, it’s a Win-Win situation here!

Totally useful!


It’s one of the most useful hacks I have seen to eat over ripped bananas!

Scan your own items!


If anyone has already seen this, I don’t want to argue over it. But it’s the time I have seen it. Like scanning your items by yourself? It doesn’t happen in my country!

Coolest thing I have seen!


You need to press the knees against the shell to wash your hand! Well, knees are so underrated!

Life is so sorted!


When you to changing room and see three hooks to keep on your clothes. More organized!

Confused about which brand toilet paper one should use?


You just need to try out every toilet paper here. You can learn how to market your product or easy to sell things!

Digital price tags!


But why to use Digital Tags for products? Okay, inflation can hit anytime!

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