Snapchat gets Bitmoji in-app: Here’s how to use

Snapchat has recently launched Bitmoji for users. Snapchat had purchased Bitstrips – the developer of this- for $100 million back in March 2016.

A bitmoji is a personalised version of your own avatar. You can design and customize your emoji to your liking. Bitstrips has also released a keyboard app, allowing the Bitmoji to be sent in other chat apps.

To use Bitmoji on Snapchat, just download the app and then create your own. The user then needs to connect it to Snapchat if you already have an account. You can link it to your account through your account in settings.

You can send emoji’s in chats or stick them on your snaps. You can send friend emoji’s if your friend has one too.


Snapchat has recently launched ‘Snapchat Memories’ that gives users a way to save old snaps that they had shared with their friends. This includes photos, videos and photo montages (stories). This feature allows you to scroll through your old pictures or send them to your friends.

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