Simple Handy Techno Inventions That Are Much CHEAPER And Affordable

These will surely help you out to make your day go much smoother, from magic handles that double your carrying capacity, to at most of $20 ounces of plastic.

Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker


Just for $18 this gadget can be clipped to your backpack. Clip it to your belt loop. Along with that up to 12 hours of audio on for full charging.

Just a ‘drop’ that’s all that is needed to fix in 20$


If your hands tend to break delicate materials, then surely this tiny friend will surely help you out & don’t get it wrong this is NOT a glue, so don’t use it as one! It’s the world’s FIRST liquid plastic welder. Named as ‘BONDIC’

It will swirl in your drain to clean it 7$