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Simple Hacks For Girls Who Have Too Many Clothes

Girls usually have too many clothes in their wardrobe, sometimes so much that it becomes a mess if not folded properly. So, here we have some really helpful simple hacks that will help you organize those overload of clothes. Read the article to know more…

Make better use of a bookshelf if you are not into reading.


If you have a big shelf but not too many books or you are just not into that much reading then you can use the bookshelf to store your shoes and accessories.

Folding is a must.


If you want to utilize your wardrobe space properly then you should know how to fold your clothes properly. It will keep your clothes intact and also save space.

Use some tension rods.


You can use tension rods and make use of free space to hang your clothes.

You can try making smart beds…


Consider making smart bed which have drawers underneath them, this will help you create more space to store your extra clothes.

Reuse materials to make more space.


If you have any old unused wooden crates at home you can reuse them by making shelves out of them to store the extra stuff you have lying around the house.

Using simple tools to double the usage.


Using a simple tool like the ring of the can opener can be used on the hanger to hang another hanger to it. This will double the usage of the same space, keeping other free space unused!

Get rid of old stuff.


If you have lot of old clothes or shoes that you are no longer wearing or using then it is best advised that you get rid of those old things so that you’ll have some space for the new ones.

Try using organizers.


If it is very difficult for you to organize your things in the drawer then it is recommended that you use drawer organizers.

Use space available on the doors.


The space on the doors is also valuavle, so if you have enough space on the doors then you can hang a rack on the door where you can keep all your accessories or shoes.

Use every possible corner…


If you have a lot of space in your room then it is advised to use every possible space you can find even the corners. You can attach a tension rod in the corners to hang your clothes.

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