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Sexist Vintage Ads Where The Photographer Reverses Gender Roles

In today’s world, both men and women struggle equally for their rights, to work, at home, etc. But it was not the case in the 1950’s, during this era women were considered inferior to men, they struggled for equal rights and were treated as diligent slaves. For today’s generation it’s very hard to imagine how the life of women was back then, so here we have some really interesting sexist vintage ads where the photographer and video editor from Beirut, Lebanon, Eli Rezkallah have reversed the gender roles in every ad and men won’t like it. Read the article to know more…

Women and their kitchen restrictions.


Women were always kept bound to their kitchen, it was kind of a rule that only women were allowed in the kitchen while men did all the hard work outside the kitchen. But it’s not the same case now, “The sad thing is, these ads are really sexist. However, life isn’t anywhere near like this anymore, so why did they feel the need to do this. Feminism is about eradicating and shaming men now, instead of trying to be equal. This is just sad.”

A man’s world or woman’s?

Van Heusen made one of the most sexist ads describing that it’s a man’s world. But the photographer doesn’t agree with it. Eli Rezkallah reversed the gender roles in the ad to make the men feel bad about their dominating actions.

Who can open it?

Back then, in the 1950’s women were often considered weak in nature, which is why they were kept away from all the hard work in the kitchen. What men don’t realize is that even working in a kitchen and providing the family with delicious and healthy food twice a day is not at all easy, it takes more than just hard work!

It would be bad if either of them would find out!

‘Chase & Sanborn’ one of the famous coffee manufacturing companies had made the most shocking ads ever, but the photographer Eli Rezkallah just changed the prospective of the ad and levelled the field! You won’t believe what the photographer did with this next ad, it’s really shocking, read on Next Page…

Now that’s really disturbing!

This ad clearly shows how brutally women were treated by the men during that era! It is really sad to see such a shocking sight, but the photographer Eli Rezkallah has turned the table by switching up the genders.

Women need better gifts!

One viewer commented seeing this ad, “Damn, these are really sexist ads. I had never seen them. Glad to see things changed for good.” Don’t just leave yet, some more sexist ads on the Next Page will make your skin crawl with disgust…

Is it just a job for women?

One viewer commented saying, “This one is interesting… if you consider the parenthesis, it’s kind of saying men and kids are lazy and the woman is the powerhouse of the household. The ad works great both ways though, just depends on the family. Could work with one of the kids in place of the adults too.”

The difference in our figures.

The photographer Eli Rezkallah did his best to reverse the gender roles in the above sexist ads. He created a series called “Although I know that not all men are like my uncles and think that way, I was surprised to learn that some still do, so I went on to imagine a parallel universe, where roles are inverted and men are given a taste of their own sexist poison.”

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