Selena’s Antics Puts Her Life In Danger!


That’s how the story goes!


Justin and Selena had been in a relationship for a very long time. However, as the time went ahead, they broke up several times and again settled the differences. It has been four months since their breakup and Justin was spotted with Hailey. He proposed her a few days back.

She can’t digest this fact!


She cannot digest the fact that Justin is no longer going to be hers. She was surrounded by a number of friends, who were consoling her after Justin proposed to Hailey. She went on a vacation, but it seems that didn’t work too.

She was spotted heavily boozing a multiple times!


The ‘Wolves’ singer was recently spotted at a bar within the four seasons hotel in the New York City. The onlookers present at the spot confirmed that she was depressed over Justin’s newly engagement. It hints that she isn’t completely moved on over Justin.

Overdrinking might lead her to death!


It was reported that this bad habit could lead her nowhere. She is digging her own grave after overdrinking. She has had a kidney transplant. New York City-based Rheumatologist, Dr. Robert Fafalak – who has not treated Gomez – said that if the singer continues to drown her sorrows with alcohol, she could die.

Here’s what the doctors said


Doctors, who confirmed a danger to her life, said, “The fact that she’s taking what sounds like a very high amount of alcohol can definitely become threatening to not only making her lupus worse but therefore potentially threatening her life.”

Thanks to her friend!


Selena had a kidney transplant back in 2017. She underwent this complicated procedure after her friend ‘Francia Raisa’ decided to donate one kidney for the singer. “Selena is playing with fire now and if she is, in fact, drinking again she will need to get help quick before it spirals out of control and kills her,” the source said.

Digging her own grave?


Selena Gomez might soon lead herself towards a major health crisis. “Most of these medicines can cause liver issues and of course, alcohol can be another additive effect where it can affect the liver,” Fafalak added.

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