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Selena Slams Justin’s Engagement News Revealing Her Own!

Justin Bieber, who recently got engaged to Baldwin, amazed fans with his sudden decision. More than that he has disappointed someone with whom he had been for a long time. When all were busy congratulating Justin – Selena chose to stay quiet. Her recent post hints that she is regretting leaving Justin. Read more to know the further story.

Justin got engaged to Baldwin!


It was reported that he got engaged to his girlfriend Hailey Baldwin in a surprising manner. He didn’t choose to make the engagement public, but the news was revealed by the onlookers present at the engagement location.

He broke up with Selena!


He got engaged to Hailey just after four months of his breakup with Selena Gomez. Post-breakup, the then-couple had exchanged a lot of harsh words for each other.

Didn’t she move on?


In reference to her media interactions after her break-up with Justin, she claimed that she has moved on. She even termed his behavior as not-so-good, which was the main cause of their breakup.

Is she regretting?


Now, after Justin has moved on completely over his past, a new drama has arisen. A recent post by Selena suggests that she hasn’t moved on from her past.

She is on the vacation!


It was reported that when Justin proposed to Hailey – she chose to get surrounded by her friends. She is present with her friends in New York City. But, here’s the person with whom she is spending more time with – Caleb Stevens!

Is he her new guy?


After being not able to handle the engagement of Justin, she chose to spend time with Caleb Stevens. She was spotted on multiple occasion with this guy.

Will she get engaged soon?


After being spotted a multiple times with him, is her new relationship on the way? Just after Justin got engaged to Hailey, she went on a vacation with her friends including Caleb. Will she too get engaged soon?




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