Salman’s Decision On Arijit Is Final And Binding ! Check It Out ! You Would Be Sad To Hear It!

Salman Khan is in no mood to forgive Arijit Singh! Yes, you heard it right. Sources revealed that in spite of that apology note by Arijit, Salman hasn’t sympathized with the singer. Arijit had mentioned in the note that Sallu Bhai doesn’t even wish to include his song in ‘Sultan’.

Unfortunately, this decision is final now!


There were reports that, now, Salman along with the makers of ‘Sultan’ have taken the collective decision of ‘NOT INCLUDING ARIJIT’S SONG IN SULTAN’.

Reports in BollywoodLife say that whether the singer goes to Salman’s house or whether he tries convincing on social media, the actor’s decision is final and binding and he is not going to change his mind. Yes, everything would go as per the decision taken!

However, this doesn’t imply that the song which Arijit had sung is completely deleted. Now, this track would be replaced with Sallu’s version and the recording of the same is already done few weeks back.  Well, this is definitely bad news for Arijit!

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