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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Officially Back Together With Jen Harley!

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation is one of the fastest growing show in terms of popularity in the entertainment industry. With a series of huge controversies and drama, the show is quite entertaining. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has been involved in many dramas and controversies in the last few months. Now, we have the latest update on Ronnie and his ex-Jen are finally getting back together, read the article to know more…

Jen cheated on Ronnie in the early days of their relationship.


It has been reported that Jen had been cheating on Ronnie in the early days of their relationship, Jen had sex tapes with her ex-boyfriend and Ronnie was completely shocked to find that out…

Ronnie didn’t hold back either, he cheated on Jen twice!


The Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s first major controversy started with Ronnie cheating on Jen by coming home with a girl from a club. A major downfall started in their relationship as Ronnie was almost caught cheating on Jen for the second time.

The couple fought relentlessly without thinking about their baby!


The couple went super crazy at each other without thinking how their personal lives are being exposed to their fans and how this would affect their daughter. They soon broke up as Ronnie announced on his Snapchat story!

A very serious incident forced Ron and Jen to rekindle their relationship again!


There is a lot of tension going on between Ronnie and Jen, it’s hard to accept that they won’t break up for good. But some very serious incident in their life made them rethink their relationship, Read more on Next Page…

Ronnie was trying his best to cope up after this nasty split with Jen!


A source explains, “Ronnie’s been doing better. He’s been going to the gym, working on himself and things with Jen have been pretty calm, surprisingly. It’s getting a lot better.”

But, Ronnie still his daughter a lot, he even apologized for his actions!


Ronnie confessed, “I want to apologize for earlier to my fans, and especially @tater_tot_kitty (that’s Harley) I acted on my gut and not rationally. I should’ve never acted in such a manor (sic). My deepest apologies.”

Ronnie and Jen’s daughter Ariana was in serious condition recently!


Ronnie shared on his story saying that Ariana was recently rushed to the hospital for the second time. Ronnie wrote in his story, “At our 2nd hospital in 24 hours #MyPeanutsNotFeelingWell, #CaliFamilyBeachTripFail.” Ronnie and Jena re finally back together, see their official statement on Next Page…

You won’t believe what has the couple decided to do for their baby!


A source close to them revealed, “Right now they’re just trying to focus on their daughter and make sure she’s okay. They’re trying to work things out for her sake. They’re giving it a shot.”

They are finally back together!


Ronnie, Jen, and their baby were recently spotted in Vegas, the source revealed, the source said, “His daughter is his biggest priority so he just wants to keep things as calm and civil with Jen for the baby’s sake. They both really regret how ugly and public their split was so they’re doing everything they can to keep things private right now.”

The couple previously decided to co-parent for the sake of their daughter!


The source further said, “They are trying to work things out and co-parent, they’re splitting time with the baby and just want her to have the best life. He just wants to do the right thing for his daughter.”

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