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Ronnie And Jen Break Up Again After Daughter’s Sickness!?

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation show faces yet another crisis, even after Ronnie and Vinny’s cheating scandals, things are going pretty great in the Jersey Shore Family Vacation show. Ronnie somehow managed to get back with Jennifer for their daughter, but now it has been reported that the couple broke up again for a shocking reason, will this be their final break up? Read the article to know more…

Ronnie had clear goals when the show first started!


When the show started Ronnie was immediately caught by his co-stars cheating on Jennifer with another girl. Ronnie had clear intentions that he wanted to start this season with a shocking controversy of his own, it actually helped the show get a lot of attention.

Ronnie proved he had no interest in Jen when he cheated on her for the second time!


Ronnie had a very emotional past relationship with co-star Sammi Giancola for a long time, though they broke up Ronnie still had feelings for her. Ronnie assured the fans that he was not interested in Jen when he cheated on her for the second time…

Fans were sure that Ronnie and Jen would never get back together!


Seeing the huge fight between Ronnie and Jen when Ronnie found out about the sex videos in her phone, fans knew this was the end to their relationship for good. But fans soon were in for a big surprise…

Ronnie and Jen did get back together just to break apart again!


Ronnie has always been unsure about the things he wants, he ended thing with Jen on a very bad note, but they are still co-parenting for daughter Ariana. What happened that they really broke up hard this time? Find out on Next Page…

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