Rohit Sharma Had The Funniest Thing To Say On Engagement of Ishant Sharma

The 28-year-old right-arm-fast bowler got engaged to Indian basketball star, Pratima Singh on Sunday.


Pratima, who is originally from Uttar Pradesh had been a member of the India women’s national basketball team since 2003 and her family is known as the “Basket Family of India”. She’s is one of the five sisters in the family of whom four have actively represented the country in basketball.

From now on, Ishant Sharma will be having someone special rooting for him from the special parts of the stands while he’s sweating it out in the field. However, the fun part is that, he would have to do quite the same when this special person is slam dunking in the basketball court representing India.

While it’s only been a few hours since the couple had uploaded their engagement picture on social media, Rohit Sharma, who had recently tied the knot as well, didn’t miss the chance to pull his teammate’s leg on this occasion. Here’s what he tweeted:


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