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RHOBH Fan Camille Grammer Defends Her $30M Settlement With Ex! But Why?


RHOBH Reunion!


During Tuesday’s night episode, Camille joined the cast of the show.  While Lisa wasn’t present at the reunion. The topic of discussion among the ladies was Camille’s divorce with Kelsey Grammer and her armored defense for the settlement.

How did the topic came up?


As Camille Richards joined the ladies on the set, Andy Cohen said “A little bit earlier, I was talking to Denise about her philosophy about raising kids with [an] ex-husband who’s always in the news” While Camille said that her Mom always cherishes Denise move about how always she makes about the kids!

Another jump to surname before coming to divorce settlement!


Andy Cohen asked a question of the viewer that said: “What is the real reason you won’t give up Grammer?” Camille said that “the primary reason is for my kids. That’s it.” But Denise said that she couldn’t wait to get rid of her surname! While she said that David is okay with it and he has no problem! This was going smooth but Denise statement escalated the whole thing.

Denis Richards on the “divorce settlement”


In the segment of the second season of Andy Cohen’s Then & Now, Camille said: “Thank God I didn’t have a prenup. Thank you, Kelsey. I guess you loved me at one point.” But earlier this season when Denis was asked about prenup she said that Charlie and I didn’t have prenup because she was not a greedy f**king whore.

Camille defends her with settlement case!


Camille got offended and found herself in the greedy foot. To defend herself against the $30M settlement she said “I just felt that, you know, working — and I worked hard,” Camille continued. “I just didn’t sit back, buying fancy clothes and shoving bonbons in my face. I mean, I worked hard.”

Castmates got surprised!


The castmates were taken back by her statement. It was clear that Camille went furious after Denise settlement. But didn’t show up the anger while everyone was in place! Everyone went for lunch and prepared to return to film the reunion

Camille finally opens up to her hairstylist!


“I don’t understand what’s going on with Denise about the money stuff,” Camille said to her hairstylist. “I just didn’t expect that.”

“Like, everybody’s divorce is different, their settlement’s different,” she added. “I can’t figure out what it is that gets her about that.” While Denis told Mellencamp Arroyave that she is just being mean and is not a happy person!

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