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Revenge!! Here’s Why Justin Proposed Hailey!

Justin Bieber after proposing Hailey Baldwin did make Selena Gomez depressed, but eventually, Selena got her life in danger after over boozing. It was reported that Selena was depressed over Justin’s engagement with Hailey. The two haven’t actually moved on over their past. Do you know why he proposed Hailey? Read more to find the shocking revelation. 

Justin proposed to Hailey!


A few days ago Justin and Hailey Baldwin got engaged. But, this engagement got Selena to imbibe too many alcohols – which had also put her life in danger. It was reported that she had got depressed over Justin’s engagement.

Selena hasn’t moved on yet


It was found that Selena hasn’t moved on yet after her recent actions. Her fans were too worried for her health. She was even warned by the doctors about the consequences of over boozing.

She chose to go on a vacation!


Soon after Justin proposed Hailey – Selena choose to go on a vacation with her rumored boyfriend Caleb Stevens. It was expected of her to announce the engagement, but she had all the way some different plans.

Know why Justin proposed Hailey?


Many of Justin’s followers were surprised after he proposed Hailey. But, do you know the sole reason behind Justin’s sudden engagement? It was reported that Justin got jealous of Selena and Caleb’s dating rumors.

He hasn’t moved on too!


When the shocking reports emerged, it was crystal clear that even Justin isn’t getting over Selena. He hasn’t moved on too. But, are Seelan and Caleb dating?

Here’s what an insider said


Referring to Justin’s situation after knowing that Selena and Justin are dating, an insider dished out, “Justin found out about Caleb in mid-June and he confronted Selena about it. But Selena denied that anything was going on because she didn’t want him to freak out,” an insider said.

He went absolutely ballistic!


After he confronted Selna, he came to know that she is dating Caleb and he went absolutely ballistic. “Needless to say, after finding out from one of Raquelle’s friends that Selena and Caleb were hooking up he freaked out and went absolutely ballistic.” said the source.

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