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This Rap Anthem On The Life Of PR Professionals Is Mind Blowing

I believe the selection of an agency partner is more important to the client than to the agency. If the agency wins a new business pitch, great; if it doesn’t, life goes on. But if the client picks the wrong agency, it’s a disaster for the business and not a great career move for the person who made the decision. They live with the decision for too long a period of time. As such, clients owe it to themselves to listen to the criticism and to do a better job.

These are some of the issues that PR people face in day to day life

  • Poorly written briefs with prohibitively short turn-around times that limit the ability to deliver thoughtful, creative proposals.
  • Lack of budget guidance. PR is responsible for everything
  • Lack of access to clients for business insight.
  • Too many firms invited into the mix; three is fine, but five? Plus, the process too often drags on. Make a decision!
  • Procurement often wielding way too much power; clients need to stand up and take control of their function.
  • Asking for “your best strategic/creative thinking” — with no pay. As if PR people are working for this thing only
  • Client management often delegated to junior staff resulting in poor direction, poor judgment.
  • “Ghosting” (i.e. after the pitch, silence for weeks on the outcome).
  • Silly requests like breakthrough creative — with proof you’ve done it before.
  • Search consultants who often add extra steps to the process, make it more complicated, and inhibit client access.

Every now & then PR executive’s will be responsible for things.

Watch Aanchal Shrivastava in her quirky, peppy andaaz singing a rap anthem on PR professionals and their frustrated state of mind. Video released ‘Value 360 Communications’.

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