PUNISHED! This Guy Spent More Time With His Girlfriend And His Friends Arranged A Fake Funeral For Him!!


Did you ever abandon your friends for your girlfriend or boyfriend? When this guy did it his friends found a perfect way to punish him, scroll down to see fake funeral!

Wonderful Way To Punish


Keiran and his girlfriend are so occupied that they have officially forgotten their friends!

Serves Him Right


His friends said he acts like he is dead, doesn’t call or respond to texts! Well, If I were Keiran’s friend he would face more than just a fake funeral.

Hope He Learnt a Lesson!


Bro, I know your girl is beautiful but spare some time for your friends for the love of god!

Oh! Keiran Is Dead!


His friends got him a coffin and one of them pretended to be a priest, and with proper ceremonies, we announce the sad demise of Keiran!



The inside of the story is simply hilarious if anything I would say well deserved Keiran!

Oh! The Heights


I mean it is fine to hang around with girlfriend and get busy but you can’t avoid your friends! Also, isn’t the picture too perfect?

Looks Like A Wonderful Funeral


His Friends actually took out the time to do this, isn’t this wonderful? I mean if it were someone else, they would just stop talking!

All Is Well!


I hope Keiran finally learned a lesson and also learns how to manage the fukin time! Because buddy you have great friends does not lose them!

Oh Well!


Most of the arrangements were held out by all of his friends. They took Keiran from the game which he thought he would see! Oh well!

Let’s Hit Every Pub Before You Die


Isn’t that cool? His friends took him from Pub to Pub trying to announce his sad demise all the way in the city; I mean this is a great day for all! Hahahaha.

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