Pun Intended! These Punny Jokes Will Make Your Day Funny!


Puns are the next level hilarious joke and actually creative way to showcase your talent by playing with words! We got some hilarious #punintended jokes! So, brace your phone and eyes on the screen. Scroll down!

A pun can be lame too!


Very few people give birth on the staircase but there are millions of stepchild in this world! How’s this possible?

He kept his promise!


That’s how I broke up with Cole. Share it if you understood this #punintended!

Thanks, Dad!


This car got many controls. By the way, why there’s a fake baby in the corner!

Wow, I love this!


This pun is Fantastic! But if I get the “T” out of it, you’re a sick person!

Musical Pun!


He strung-ly believes he’s a guitar, what a mis-harp 😔 😔 . .Instrument puns anyone?

They look cute though!


Micheal Scott: You’re Assistant to Branch Manager. Dwight: One day I will become Manager of the branch!

A couple of puns!


Oh my god, I’m totally done! Like they’re too hilarious! If we start using puns more frequently what it would be like?

This is a heartbreaking pun!


Dad: Son I’m actually dying here Son: Hi actually dying here, I’m son.

Can you see this pun?


I used a high tech camera to capture Flash. And it’s a barry barry bad pun!

Sad life!


Relating the puns with funny names is totally hilarious!

Don’t worry I got the puns!


So much struggle to make a pun out of keyboard! But worth the struggle!

Doctor puns!


So, let’s introduce each other again and waste our precious time!

“Will” you accept this pun?


It’s a good sketch of Will Smith though!

Can, you sing first!


I can’t see this but I can see that they can sing!

Make this article viral because…


Just concentrate on the first half of the pun! Thank you!

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