Photos And URLs Will No Longer Count Toward Your 140 Characters On Twitter

“As long as it’s consistent with what people want to do, we’re going to explore it.” – Jack Dorsey (CEO, Twitter)

It may not be the 10,000 Twitter characters initially debated earlier this year, but there will be, in a way, changes to the 140 character limit.

If you ever get frustrated with images and links taking up your precious characters in Twitter, you’ll be happy to hear that these will no longer be included in the character count (via TechCrunch).

Even with efforts to automatically shorten links, such as the link wrapping service launched in 2010, URLs still take up 23 characters per tweet.


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says this decision should demonstrate to users that the company is “not going to be shy about building more utility and power into Twitter for people. As long as it’s consistent with what people want to do, we’re going to explore it.”

With the recent shift to an algorithmic timeline from a chronological timeline, the character limit is just one of many user complaints that Twitter will look to resolve.

Another problem that Twitter faces is the way in which users post a series of Tweets in succession, sometimes referred to as a Tweetstorms.

This move only seems logical for Twitter, especially with all the encouragement for users to embed more media into Tweets through features like GIFs and polls.

Video has also been a large priority for the company when it comes to live events as seen through the $10 million deal with the NFL to stream 10 Thursday night football games in the upcoming season.

Are you excited for this change, or do you like the good ‘ole Twitter and it’s 140 character limit which includes links and images?

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