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Panama Papers: Here’s All You Need To Know About The Black Money Expose

What are the Panama Papers?

The Panama papers is a hole of authority archives of a law office that helped rich and intense individuals around the globe launder their dark cash.

Keep in mind how we knew about wild insights being tossed around that rich government officials and on-screen characters have trillions of dollars stashed abroad in assessment asylums?

Turns out, they were correct.

The rich and the capable set up fake seaward organizations in duty safe houses like Panama, Canary Islands, and the British Virgin Islands.

At that point these organizations are utilized to stash and launder all the dark cash earned by the top dogs.

How do the accused stash all their black money?
They employ lawyer firms in these countries that help them evade whatever the loose tax laws there are.

One of the firms was Mossack Fonseca from Panama.


How did the newspapers find about these Panama papers?

This is one of the best highlights of investigative journalism, where they got hold of more than 11 million documents from Mossack Fonseca.

11 million documents; to put it into perspective is 11,000,000 documents.

The Indian Express is the Indian newspaper that collaborated with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism.

The ICIJ spent more than 8 months in investigating this story and uncovering the vulgar details we are seeing now.


Who are the people involved?

A lot of names are coming out.

The usual suspects Vladimir Putin, Nawaz Sharif, relatives of Xi Jinping, late father of David Cameron.

Politicians are not that big of a surprise.

The surprise additions are Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Bachchan, Lionel Messi.

Apollo Tyres, Indiabulls, Gautam Adani’s brother Vinod Adani and DLF owner K P Singh.

If these names weren’t enough, there are people from the slums of Mumbai who have their money stashed in Panama.


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