Nana Patekar Helps Widows Of Farmers Who Committed Suicide, Proves He’s A Real Life Superhero


A while back we had let you know about how Nana Patekar is assisting groups of Maharashtra ranchers who submitted suicide. Alongside his accomplice Makarand Anaspure, Patekar received various Maharashtra towns and gave financial guide to the ranchers’ families. They even have a NGO, NAAM Foundation, which gives a wide range of assistance to the influenced ranchers and their families.

Nana Patekar was as of late spotted assisting the dowagers of agriculturists who conferred suicide, and circulating them sewing machines with the goal that they can acquire their job.

nana 4


nana 3


The occasion pulled in no media consideration and wasn’t discussed everywhere throughout the web, yet that did not stop Patekar to do his bit. A facebook client, Amit Bajpai, posted these photos from the occasion, and they tell the whole story. You can unmistakably see Nana comforting the ladies as they break into tears.


nana 2

Nana Patekar has indeed managed to set up an example for the entire industry out there. You don’t always need all the media attention and the limelight on you to do charity and help out those in need. He surely proves that if you have the correct intent, you can definitely make a difference in the society, with or without all the media glare.

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