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Modi has belittled the position of PM: Congress


NEW DELHI: The Congress today said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi “belittled the position of PM” by attending a Hyderabad summit just because Ivanka Trump was also in attendance.

At the event, Ivanka was effusive in her praise for PM Modi, which promoted Congress spokesman Anand Sharma to wonder why the PM “need(s) a certificate from outsiders” like her.

Ivanka, senior advisor to US President Donald Trump, and also his daughter, is leading the US delegation at the annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit co-hosted by India and the US. PM Modi attended the inauguration of the summit.

The Congress party’s Sharma also wondered by the PM needed to attend an event that was already being graced by the Telengana chief minister.

“The Prime Minister has belittled the position of PM by attending an event of Ivanka Trump. The Telangana CM was already there. Why does PM need a certificate from outsiders and dubious foreign rating agencies?” said Sharma, who’s also deputy leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha.

The PM, on his part, has been looking forward to attending the Hyderabad event since August, when he extended Ivanka an invite to attend. Therefore, he took time off from hectic poll campaigning in Gujarat to attend.

The Congress’s Sharma referred to the Gujarat polls saying the PM should “ask the people of Gujarat for a certificate” as his party has ruled in the state for as long as 22 years.

Earlier today, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi also targeted the PM on Gujarat. Rahul claimed the BJP in 2012 promised it will build 50 lakhs new houses but in five years only managed to build 4.72 lakh houses.

“The PM should let us know whether he will take 45 years to fulfil this promise,” tweeted Rahul, about the building of houses.

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