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Micro-Cheating Is The New Kind Of Cheating You Should Know About Now

Micro-cheating is a sneaky, mental way to cheat without doing any physical cheating. Simple flirting could look pure at first, but when all small things add up — following charming girls on social media, getting too intimate with female friends he slept with in the past, friends with exes, etc — it could turn into a full-blown affair. These are the few symptoms that show you are the victim of the micro-cheating.

12. He Follows Attractive Girls On Instagram And Likes Their Photos Way Too Often


It’s very relaxed swindling when he messages the girls secretly or writes comments with flirty emoticons. There’s no necessity for him to do that since he’s seeing someone. It is possible the little talk could lead to something more real down the line.

11. He Takes Forever To Text You Back But He’s Always On His Phone When You’re Together


He’s most likely being unfaithful when he takes forever to reply you back or totally neglects to do it, yet he is on his phone when you’re together.

10. He Dresses Better When He Goes Out With His Boys (No Girlfriends Allowed)


He looks great when you all go out on the town night to the films or restaurants, however, he dresses far better when he goes out with his boys where girlfriends aren’t permitted.

9. Suddenly new female friends added to contact list


He Made Friends With Girls He Never Mentioned To You And You Only Know About Them From His Social Media. Ashley? Lauren? There are such huge numbers of, and you don’t know anything about them.Click on the next page to read more.


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