Man Asks For Refund On Dog Food After His Dog Dies, The Company Gives Him Most Beautiful Gift!


Here is the man with his best friend


Joseph Inabnet, the man from Virginia received an unexpected sympathy from the Chewy as he returned the unopened bag of dog food and the customer service from Chewy says that every company should follow the footsteps of them.

Let’s look over his story.


He wrote, “If anyone has ever dealt with, they probably know just how wonderful their customer service is. But today, it went to the next level. I had to put my Bailey down in October. She had been on prescription dog food, and I had a brand new unopened bag(about $70). I asked Chewy if I could return it. They told me to donate it instead, and they returned my money. GREAT customer service, right?”

The next thing the company did is totally unexpected.


He added, “IT GETS BETTER!! Today, completely out of blue, I received from the card and painting below. I have also provided picture of Bailey that I must have uploaded to Chewy at some time. This is a real oil painting, and the artist, Sharon LaVoie Lam, did an amazing job”

Here is the oil painting that was done by the artist


A couple of days later he received a sweet oil painting from The company knows the importance of the beloved dog and nothing can be a better gift than an oil painting of your beloved cat,

This comes up with the heartwarming message.


They wrote, “Pets come into our lives, leave Pawprints on our hearts and we are forever changed”. “We’re sending lots of love and positive thoughts. If you ever need anything, we’re always here”. I loved the part that they actually wrote then printing out the text.

The post didn’t go unnoticed by the company.

via responded to his pleasure for sharing the story to the world. The company was honored to be part of it. By the way, the dog’s name was Bailey and they said that the dog will hold a special place in their hearts.

Everyone on the Internet shared their love.


If you read the comments, it just makes you cry. This is the best thing any company can do and that’s comforting you in your bad time.

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