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Make Your Small Apartment Spacious With These 8 DIY Hacks

If you live in a small apartment and all your stuff is blocking the space and you have nowhere to store it, here is what you should do to make your room more spacious. Read the article to know more…

Use your extra shoe organizer to store other stuff.


If you have a shoe organizer at home that you don’t need, use that extra shoe organizer to store other utilities such as your hair dryer, comb, shampoo, etc.

Make a hat wall.


You can keep all those fancy hats on the wall, to do that you will need wooden ball knobs, tacky glue, twine, and 3M Command strips. Now you have more space in your wardrobe to store other things.

Stack Your Beverages in the fridge to consume less space.


Just like your apartment your fridge could use some space too, so that there won’t be all the food lying outside it! If you are a beer lover then you can stack up your beer in this manner in the fridge which will consume less space.

Remember Everything


Sometimes it is very difficult to remember your dates and the things you need to do on that day.

Recycle those unused bottles.


You can use those old bottles that are no longer in use, you can use it to store your bangles, wrist bands, etc. Trust me girls this will a lot of space for you.

Hang your bike on wall to save space.


You can attach wall hangers on your walls so that you can hang your bike on it, which will save up a lot of space.

You can also use your childhood lego collection for many things.


Who says toys are just waste after you have grown up!? You can use your old Lego toys in various ways like the one in the picture above.

Use Cardboard To Organize Your Mail And Papers


If all your junk papers, bills and post is lying around the house then you can organize them in a very easy way. You can easily get rid of this problem for one if you build a a desk tray from cardboard that you were originally planning to recycle.

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